Glo Glov glow in the dark gloves The Original Reflective Gloves

This USA MADE glove is extremely durable and will stretch double their size to fit over other gloves. 

About our GloGlov

Traffic Control


   Sgt. John Abraham, Seattle Police safety coordinator states, "GloGlovs are the ONLY product that gives our officers 24 Hr/365 days a year traffic control, two directions (4 way intersections) at the same time." I was instrumental in getting GloGlovs as our issue glove for our traffic officers. As a motor officer, one pair holds up for several years.

Pedestrian Visibility


  GloGlovs give you a much better chance of being seen up to 1/4 mile day or night! Especially in the winter or inclement weather we tend to wear dark clothing. GloGlovs offer you a powerful edge. Giving time for motorists to react safely they're a must for the blind - disabled or anyone walking, cycling or during roadway emergencies.

Riding Safety


 My name is Jeff Nelson, Assistant State Captain, Patriot Guard Riders of Northern CA in Redding and former California Hwy Patrol officer. Several years ago I bought a pair of the stop sign GloGlovs. They really work and all our escort riders are required to wear them for obvious safety reasons. Road Guards wear them riding across the USA - Run for the Wall Ride

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